1. Late summer in the Goat Rocks Wilderness.


  2. 6:45am, May 27th, 2014 
    Santa Catalina Mountains, Arizona. 

    We arrived to our camp yesterday just as the sun was setting. Hot and sweaty from our hike, we immediately stripped down and jumped in the trickling pools, cooling our bodies.



    With a cool beer in hand, we watched the sun sink lower and lower. The rocks beneath us still warm from the day’s sun, we dried off and soaked in the sights. We settled in and readied ourselves for a hot polenta dinner.

    The sun set, and our bellies full, the four of us nestled up in a rock perched above the pools below. We stared at the stars until late in the night watching new constellations and planets appear, trying to guess what was what. As the night got later and the sky shifted with time, we rotated out bodies in the nooks and dips in the rock, new sights unfolding above us. Everything was clear and bright. 



    Awake at the first sign of light. I’ve been up for for nearly 2 hours now, watching the sun crest the ridge. Today is my birthday. The temperature is perfectly cool, but I know it won’t last long. As I watch the sun rise, humming birds zip around and chase each other, diving down to drink from the trickling falls. 



    So many new beautiful plants everywhere. The desert is magical.


  3. I am slowly working my way through the backlog of film from the motorcycle trip earlier this year. I’m working on putting together a full report documenting our experience on the road. Hopefully lots more in depth on this coming soon.

    Here we just arrived at the Bald Butte lookout after a day of rough dry desert terrain. This little fire lookout was our home for two days, treating us to a little extra comfort and some spectacular views. It is always special for me when I am able to spend a few nights in one location outdoors and experience the changes in the environment as the sun moves across the sky. Before we left I was already dreaming of our next visit to Bald Butte. Soon.


  4. Summer swimming on the Washougal. Can’t beat it. 


  5. Instrument Outpost skates the NikeSB warehouse. 

    Full set on flickr.


  6. Sarah in the morning


  7. 1,200 miles through Eastern Oregon by motorcycle. A few outtakes from the trip posted on Flickr. More to come toon. 

    On Flickr


  8. A quick solo bikepacking excursion on the Deschutes river in early May. My happy place. The smell of sage rushing up the canyon with the wind, the sharp cliffs that jump out of the hillside, and the constant sound of the river rushing in the background. Perfect.


  9. Tiny Tire Enduro, Forest Park. Fun day on the bike with a solid crew. 


  10. Morning view on the Deschutes River. 


  11. One foot in front of the other, up and up until we reached the snow line. Another mile or two beyond that brings us to a beautiful view of one of the four volcanoes in sight throughout the day. A snack, a beer, and then we follow the trail down the other side eventually leads us to a perfect view of the sun setting across the Columbia Gorge. A few miles back to the car in the dark. Sore feet. Happy.


  12. First good ride of the year. Can’t wait for more. 


  13. A few more random frames from Belfast last year.


  14. A quick stop in Tygh Valley. Oregon Stampede, 2013.


  15. Riding through the White River Wildlife Area in the Oregon Stampede, 2013.