1. One foot in front of the other, up and up until we reached the snow line. Another mile or two beyond that brings us to a beautiful view of one of the four volcanoes in sight throughout the day. A snack, a beer, and then we follow the trail down the other side eventually leads us to a perfect view of the sun setting across the Columbia Gorge. A few miles back to the car in the dark. Sore feet. Happy.


  2. First good ride of the year. Can’t wait for more. 


  3. A few more random frames from Belfast last year.


  4. A quick stop in Tygh Valley. Oregon Stampede, 2013.


  5. Riding through the White River Wildlife Area in the Oregon Stampede, 2013.


  6. Oregon Stampede, 2013.


  7. Couple more from around the house…


  8. The ferry was closed, but the sun was out.


  9. Rednecks, babes, dirt and trucks.


  10. February lunch rides don’t normally look like this…


  11. Early morning out takes from a recent roll.


  12. Belfast, November 2013. 


  13. Belfast, UK


  14. Morning coffee on the Salmon River with my Snow Peak french press is the best. 


  15. Aaron Dykstra of Six-Eleven Bicycle Co. in his shop. More on this soon.